If it’s sports you’re looking for, Dempsey’s is the Place.

Seattle Seahawks Watching Headquarters
Seattle Seahawks Watching Headquarters
Oklahoma State Watching Headquarters
Oklahoma State University Watching Headquarters

Over 20 large screen HD TVs plus a Pool Table, FoosBall Table, and Giant Jenga!

Starting with the NFL Sunday Ticket, watch every in-market and out-of-market NFL football game LIVE here at Dempsey’s.
NFL Sunday Ticket

If Hockey is your sport than our NHL Center Ice Package will satisfy your needs with over 40 out-of-market games shown each week.
NHL Center Ice

If the NBA hard court is to your liking come and enjoy the NBA League Pass here at Dempsey’s. Dozens of out-of-market games live each week.
NBA League Pass

…and we’re just getting started.
Major League Baseball, College Basketball, College Football, Soccer, Golf, The Olympics and so much more all LIVE here at Dempsey’s Place.